The Big Meditation Factor You Don’t Want To Miss

While meditation seems as simple as breathing in-and-out, the Big Meditation Factor you don’t want to miss is that meditation has also been known to cleanse all types of negative influences inside the body and mind.

Silent Journey Big Meditation Factor You Don't Want to Miss

According to health experts and studies, meditation reduces stress, decreases muscle tension, and serves as a supplemental treatment for chronic medical conditions that affect all walks of life.

Think of it like this… If meditation was drawn in a bubble for a brainstorm exercise, you’d be able to stem a viable healing solution for most health conditions floating around it. According to several studies, severe medical conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, and anxiety disorder have all been alleviated through meditation. Binge eating or substance abuse are two disorders that can also be rehabilitated with meditation helping you live a healthier lifestyle. More and more, meditation is becoming a substantial solution for many ailments, but like anything, it does require your participation (Silent Journey has some great ways you can get started now!), but the results far outweigh the effort.


The ebb and flow of meditation juxtaposes with the reduction of stress inside the body. When we effectively meditate, our minds are calm and our attention is focused  on deep breathing, all while relaxing quietly.

This exercise [meditation] of exaltation enables the body to increase high levels of nitric oxide. This scientific production opens up blood vessels and reduces high blood pressure. The same goes for mending tense muscle tissues..


Meditation helps you embark on a spiritual journey by building inner peace within the soul. Meditation, with the right attitude and approach, suddenly allows everything to flow from a positive space. Things that once caused anxiety, fear, or pain, tend to transition into a peaceful and fruitful outlook and that alone is enough for me to keep going with my drug-free meditation routine.

The big meditation factor is that when you meditate effectively, you stand to increase a more positive emotional flow for the mind, body, and soul and that… is a very bright outlook in my mind!

Be Well,

Daniela Smith

A Silent Journey Contributor

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