The Sheer Joy that Accompanies Telling the Truth

Have you ever experienced profound relief after having shared something authentically? This phenomenon has to do with telling the truth, and the truth inevitably has a way of producing a deep happiness within us.  Today I realized that I was walking around with the weight of a failure on my shoulders. I had a good goal – an achievable, even noble goal! When I didn’t accomplish it by when I said I would, however, my relationship with myself shifted. Instead of being a girl who simply failed to accomplish a goal, I became a failure! On the outside, it just looked like I was extra tired and overwhelmed with life. But what was the source of that exhaustion and stress? Sure, I was sleeping less than usual, and was more busy than usual. But when I took a closer look, it was not the failure itself that was making me tired and stressed – it was that I had literally begun relating to myself as a failure.


And thinking of myself as a failure was exhausting.


So I asked myself a simple question – was I willing to forgive myself? Here’s where things shifted again. Indeed, I was not willing to forgive myself. Why should I? I was embarrassed, worried, and sad. So I said no, I’m not willing to forgive myself. Immediately I felt a wave of relief. The embarrassment, worry, and sadness didn’t disappear, but what a relief to tell the truth! In less than five minutes, I had gone from being a failure, to being someone who wasn’t willing to forgive herself. 


So I took another look, and considered why I wasn’t willing to forgive myself. It was simple. The truth was that I really cared about what I was working on, and it was hard for me to accept that I hadn’t accomplished it. That was all! 


In the next moment I asked myself the question again: now was I willing to forgive myself? 


And this time I was. With the forgiveness came another wave of relief, and a sense of joy. 


So today I told the truth to myself about three things: 

  • I thought I was a failure.
  • I admitted I wasn’t willing to forgive myself.
  • And then, I acknowledged that I was willing to forgive myself.


With each truth, I became increasingly energized and happy. Is there something you could tell the truth to yourself about today?


Written by: Rebecca Kline

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