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Your Brain is your personal computer. It will register only what you tell it. When we feed our brains positive messages, that’s what it registers.  If you continue to do that steadily every day, all day long, it will shift to the positivity and strength that you need.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between negative and positive; it doesn’t discriminate. Whatever you give to it will expand. But it does know what feels good to you.  We all know that positive thoughts and beliefs make us feel good, whereas negative beliefs do not.  So if you are productive while feeling happy and good, it will register ONLY that.

silentjourney can speed up this process. We have an amazing tool for you to use on a daily basis that’s part of our software program. Here is how the software works. You download the program and it flashes positive affirmations from a topic you want to work on. There is a list of 30. Here are a few examples of topics for you to choose from:

  • Dissolving stress and tension
  • Rocketing your self esteem
  • Achieve ultimate success
  • Get motivated
  • Get what you want now

You can choose your favorite one (the one that will give you what you need to focus on). This appears on your screen at speeds you and your conscious mind don’t see. You can even set the frequency and duration. For example, you can set the affirmations to pop up every 5 seconds, showing the message for 500 milliseconds. The trick is, if you could see what the message says, your conscious mind is registering it; not the subconscious. It has to reach the subconscious mind for it to really work. If want to feel more positive and have more confidence in your life, all you have to do is download the “Super Self Confidence” topic and see what positive results start happening in your day.

How does it work? The affirmations you receive from the topic you choose on confidence will come to your computer akin to the speed of light. There are millions of positive affirmations on confidence coming to you within nanoseconds.

Here’s an example. You know when you are thinking of someone in your mind and then the phone rings and it is that person? You can’t believe that they are on the other end of the line. It’s like magic. You have subconsciously and energetically attracted that person to you. Well this program works in a similar fashion. It’s as though you’re subconsciously fed what you need to attract to yourself. It works subliminally, unconsciously focusing your mind on what you want to achieve and/or feel. It gives you all the confidence in the world (helping you to finish your projects, your day or whatever else you may need). It is so cool how this works because it’s as though you have a powerful force guiding you forward, helping you believe in yourself…

So reframe your brain, transforming your life and creating new beliefs. This leads to positivity, which leads to confidence and success…  It’s really that simple!!! Are you up for the challenge? It’s as easy as trying silentjourney’s brief quiz. Take a test drive and see for yourself.

***We offer music as well with the program, but that is just an added bonus. There is no low frequency message on the audio. It is currently just a visual program.***


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