Getting Older is a Good Thing!

As I’ve grown into being me, I have learned to become kinder and less judgmental of myself. I’ve become comfortable in my own skin. I really enjoy spending time with myself. I used to feel sad if I didn’t have

What Are You Committed To?

I have found that when I am committed to doing something and have incredible passion for it, it makes me feel good and truly happy. Being committed to something means having clarity of what you want to do and how

Drinking Your Stress Away

While it may sound like a beer commercial slogan, drinking away your stress with a combo of healthy beverages is actually a non-caffeinated way to finally beat back all those nagging stresses throughout your day.

The Pursuit of Happiness

I have found that happiness comes from within.  It is a part of you. It’s not an outside force or thing. It is a quiet being that happens inside of you. It’s sort of like a calm or peace that

Letting Go of Fear

For so many years, I had an inner fear of doing new things. Change brought about a lot of unrest and panic for me. I don’t think that I am alone in this feeling. Many people are afraid of trying

Water is Magic

Water makes me feel refreshed, clean and like a whole new person. I love everything from drinking a glass of water, to being by the water, and even my late night baths. Water literally clears your mind, because it is

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