Love or Fear… You Choose

Are you living your desired life, enjoying each and every day? Maybe it’s time to begin the journey and find out what makes you truly happy. Are you living from a place of love or fear? The choice is up

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

I am writing this because I need to buckle up and take my own advice. This is one area where I do have some issues and lessons to learn. I am way too hard on myself and don’t give myself

Changes You Can Hold Onto

Are you ready to change? That’s a tough question, right? And while there’s no cure-all answer, changing some of your current patterns may be your best bet to being more in the now. No, that’s not science and it’s certainly

I’ll Be Happy When…

Haven’t you been a victim of the saying: “I’ll be happy when…” (fill in the blank)? Well, I know that I have. Happiness is not a result of getting the when. When I lose 10 pounds, then I’ll be happy.

Owning Your Truth…

Are you Being Honest With Yourself? What is it that you are NOT saying? Are you being honest with yourself, your partner and your own truth? What do you get by not admitting the truth to yourself? Actually, you get

They’re Worth It.

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