Steve Jobs On Life… Must Watch

Steve Jobs On Life… Must Watch It’s important to strive for what’s better. Taking risks in search...

Get Your Valentine’s Day Inspiration From The Kids

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. What are you going to do? Who are you taking your advice...

11 Quotes To Start Your New Year Off Right

Resolutions are made to inspire us throughout the year. They keep us moving towards our goals and give...

Better Meditation At Home: 5 Useful Tips

Have you ever wondered what 20 minutes to yourself would be like? Would your worries disappear? Would...

Meditation and Morality

A Psychologist, Buddhist and Neuroscientist walk into a room… No really! Now that meditation has...

The Mental Equalizer for the ADHD Mind

Both children and adults are affected by the chemical imbalance of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive...

Want to lose weight? Drink Water!

Do you drink 8 glasses of water a day? Do you even drink one? Did you know that the brain consists of...

A Pep Talk That Will Change Your Life

Sometimes it just makes perfect sense when you hear it from a 9 year old. But when that 9 year old is...

3 things I learned while my plane crashed

If you are reading this, then either you survived a plane crash like Ric Elias or, you never experienced...

5 Tips & Tricks to Better Sleep

If you’ve ever tossed and turned in your sleep, struggled to get to bed or found yourself waking...

Teaching Ourselves How to Breathe Easier

Do we really need to learn how to breathe easier? Is it even possible to teach ourselves how to breathe...

Does astrology work? Sadhguru

Have you ever wondered if there’s really in merit in astrology? Here’s an interesting perceptive from the always-wise Sadhguru. He states that by predicting the future, you don’t alter anyone’s life in anyway; it just leads to more ignorance. Check

Alan Watts Teaches Meditation – Controlling the Mind

In this beautiful voice over, Alan Watts speaks about the art of meditation and the power of the mind. His simple explanations, storytelling style and sense of humor are filled with wisdom and inspiration.

Optimal Human Development According to Psychologist Viktor Frankl

Famous Austrian psychologist Viktor Frankl is regarded as one of the most important representatives of existential psychology. Frankl’s life was defined by a deep search for the meaning and purpose of human existence. According to Frankl, it the will to

The Inspiring Words of Bob Dylan

We all know and love singer-song-writer, artist and writer, Bob Dylan. He has been one of the major influences on pop culture for the last five decades. Much of his most popular speaks out against social injustice and is doing

3 Simple Daily Practices to Improve your Life

When we’re unhappy and decide we want to change our lives, we tend to think in terms of the big picture. Sometimes our personal growth does require a massive change, such as moving to a new city or changing jobs,

Why Do You Forget Their Name?

How many times have you been a party and forgotten sometimes name as soon as you are introduced? In this video it is explained that while our brains are hardwired to recognize faces, but when it comes to remembering names,

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