Yes YOU Can Change Your Mindset!

“What you believe has more power than what you dream or wish or hope for. You become what you believe.“ –Oprah Winfrey   Are you the victim or the victor of your life?  Do you look at the glass half

Revealing Your Mask

Are you being true to yourself? Do you wear a mask showing the world one attitude when you really are feeling another? Honor your feelings. It’s okay to admit the truth and be truly honest with yourself. Be authentic and

You Are What You Eat

What are you eating right now? Is it something healthy or not? Everything we put in our bodies affects our energy, health, spirit and our minds. It is so important to be conscious of what and how much you eat.

Risking Having it All in Life – A Cost/Benefit Analysis

No kidding, I am knocked up, and engaged to a man that lives 3K miles away. Why on earth would anyone create a circumstance like that?  ‘He must not be that great if you’re willing to live so far from

Old Fashioned Things…

Do you miss the old fashioned way of doing things, like writing or receiving a letter in your mailbox (the physical one that you get pieces of paper from, not the virtual one on your computer)? Letter writing was so

The Art of Food

Food is a wonderful gift that comes in too many assortments to name. Do you make time during your day to eat a meal and fully enjoy it or do you eat on the run? When was the last time

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