Meditating Through Pain

Can Meditating through pain actually relieve it?

When the unimaginable happens and tragedy strikes, how do we mentally cope? When grief suffocates emotions minute by minute and where even breathing becomes difficult, what are we left to do? Well, believe it or not, meditating can help quell that excruciating pain.

Tragedy is a difficult thing to grasp. One moment things are fine, then confusion heightens, and anguish takes over – ultimately filling us with overwhelming sorrow. But at that moment, the heart is open in the most vulnerable way. And that, research suggests, is a great time to begin meditating.

So what do you do?

Start simple. There are a lot of great exercises out there and you can of course find many of them here, but first – let’s focus on your breathing.

Find a comfortable position, close your eyes, and start breathing in and out while focusing on each breath. Inhale the pain of losing a loved one, or a recent tragedy and let out that suffocation of pain and despair in your exhale. Regardless of what pain, the same practice applies.

This is the hardest, but most significant part of meditating through grief; remember your time of pain and breathe in the fear and physical discomfort that comes with it. Now, breathe out a sense of peacefulness, knowing that meditating through pain and suffering can actually wash away some of the angst that comes with it.

Breathe in a time when you and your loved one celebrated the best of times. Or, on a larger tragic scale, remember a pleasant moment before the unthinkable occurred. Inhale that moment when life was precious, and let that warm gratification of happiness takeover your heartache as you exhale.

What can be lost in a breath can be taken back and what can be brought in, can easily be brought back out. This meditation practice helps you get back that serenity of the peace that once resonated inside, before pain seeped its way in.

Meditating through pain may just be a breath away.

Be Well,

Daniela Smith

Silent Journey Contributor

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