Love or Fear… You Choose

Are you living your desired life, enjoying each and every day? Maybe it’s time to begin the journey and find out what makes you truly happy. Are you living from a place of love or fear? The choice is up to you…

 I awoke very early Saturday morning to the sound of pouring rain. I actually love the rain, however, this was one time I did not! Being up in the Poconos when you have forgotten your rain gear (the essentials being rain boots, an umbrella and a raincoat) is not good. Before I left, my mom said, “Don’t forget your umbrella and raincoat. There is a possibility of showers.” Once again she was right. Why are moms always right?

Anyway, I did the best I could with what I had, but by the time I got to the recreation hall for the lecture on “The Introspection of Love and Fear,” I was a drowned rat. I had a raw chill in me for hours and couldn’t get warm. I had three cups of hot tea, borrowed two fleece sweatshirts and I was still shivering…teeth chattering and all.

A woman, who was sitting in front of me in the lecture, turned around and said “try to visualize and feel your toes by a warm, toasty fire. Draw from within and feel the heat and light inside of you. Warm yourself from within and give yourself a big dose of love right now.”

I began to do what she said. I slowly imagined my toes feeling warmer and the heat rising within my entire body, and I was suddenly feeling warmer. It worked. I could now start paying attention to the lecture. Whew.

The speaker was talking about the differences between Love and Fear. He said, “Life is really just about two things: love and fear. You get to choose which one you want to experience each and every minute of the day. When you live your life with love, you will find everything that is good. You will attract nice people, you’ll feel good and you’ll smile. You will take care of yourself and those you love with kindness and respect. If you choose fear, however, you will feel afraid, bitter and angry, and you will blame yourself and others for all that is not going your way.”

I believe in this concept and all of what he was saying. It is really that simple. We have the choice and the power within ourselves to choose what it is that we want. It’s up to us!

Do you live your life in love or fear? Perhaps now is the chance to change where you are at this moment. Let love be your motto! BE love. And as Ray Bradbury says, “love is the answer to everything.”

Written by: Betsy Karp

Brought to you by: silentjourney

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