Losing Weight with your FIST

Everyone loses weight differently, right? Some of us run it off, while others cut back on sugars and carbs. You might have tried a combination of both, maybe not. Perhaps you’ve counted calories or even tried some form of new fad workout. In other words, you might have given the idea of losing weight some thought and effort, yes? Well, whatever your method is, it’s likely that you have one goal in mind – getting in the best possible shape you can as effortlessly as possible. So how about starting with your hands? Yes, your hands. After all, they are within reach (pun intended), right?

 Your hands are your free portion control meters that help you gauge the correct amount of food your body needs for any given meal. As you may know, portion sizes are getting bigger and bigger and obesity is on the rise, but when you have a tool like this, literally in the palm of your hands, there is no excuse for overeating.

 Naturally, we eat what is in front of us. I’m sure you are just as conscious as most people when it comes to portion control, but even then, you may be overeating without even knowing it. But when you visualize your portions by the various configurations of your hands, you might just see how easy it is to take off the weight.

 One cup represents the size of your fist while a half-cup is equivalent to your cupped hand. Maybe you’re having trouble figuring out the correct portion of chicken for tonight’s dinner. Well, 3 ounces signify your palm (in both thickness and size), so simply open up your hand and voilà! A tablespoon is your thumb size and a half of tablespoon for that great secret recipe is simply the tip of your thumb.

 It’s not brain surgery and you can keep your wallet at bay, but by using this simple technique, you may just be on your way to being in your best possible shape ever!

By: Aaron Lyles

Brought to you by: silentjourney

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