It’s All About Feeling Good !!!

What does it mean to feel good?

I just came from teaching a workshop entitled “Getting It Right This Time: Nutrition and Self–Love.”

One of the participants in the group (we’ll call her Belinda), was very upset. She was not happy at all with her life and herself. She cried for the first 10 minutes about the passing of her mom, not taking care of herself and gaining 50 pounds. I was listening with compassion and sympathy. Belinda is an old client and someone I know. Her pattern is to self-sabotage herself all the time. I wanted others in the group to see what was happening with her story and how she kept repeating the same things, expecting different results. But this doesn’t work! It never will! Like Dan Hayes once said: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Still, most people think they can create change by repeating old, unhealthy patterns and habits. Sometimes we just have to drop our old stories and be willing to create change for our lives.

I quickly saw that I wanted to bring in the tools of positive beliefs; how “It’s all about feeling good.” Someone in the group blurted out, “What do you mean it’s all about feeling good?” I said: “It’s really simple. This is the key to your life.” Everyone looked at me like I had horns on my head. When we feel good, we know it. We smile, we are happy, our energy is up, and something radiates inside of us. We know when this is happening. So I asked the group, “ Do you know when you feel good?” A few people answered “YES, but it happens so infrequently.”  My reply: “ You can change that now!”  They retaliated with: “Ok, Show us!”

Firstly you have to learn to laugh at yourself. Don’t take yourself so seriously and go with the flow. It really is about how we feel. Our thoughts create our beliefs that change our feelings and shape our actions.

I brought Belinda up to the front of the room and asked her “When you eat more than 4 cookies does that make you feel good or bad?” “Bad” she responded. “There you go. Now you see it’s as simple as realizing how much we eat. Being mindful and listening to ourselves and trying to stay in the present so we can learn to feel good. It’s okay to have one cookie but not four,” I said. Learning to set healthy boundaries for ourselves is so vital to our lives.

When we eat well and exercise, creating positive thoughts and surrounding ourselves with supportive people, we feel good. When we feel good, people, opportunities and magical things begin to appear.

Even Belinda felt more empowered with some positive new actions to take with her by the end of the workshop. She created a list of to do‘s for her to feel good. Taking action and creating responsible habits shifts your energy and creates feel-good energy within you.

Make a list of 5 simple ways to feel good. Start right now and see how your day improves. What are your 5 things? Share it with us?

Be Well… 

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