Good Deeds…Have You Done Any Lately?

 A good deed is about giving back in some way. It’s as simple as giving a smile to someone. It could be a warm gesture to uplift someone’s spirit whose been feeling down or even just giving of your time and lending a hand in some form.

 I went to see Tyler Perry’s movie “Good Deeds” over the weekend and he was so wonderfully warm in it. This wasn’t the greatest film I have ever seen, but I really enjoyed the message and the premise.  In the movie, he is a very successful man who wants to please everyone: his company, his community and his mother, while preserving his father’s legacy. The only person he left out was himself. Then enters this homeless woman Lainey, along with her daughter, who’s struggling to survive. The movie then begins to shift focus onto what each of them bring to one and other.

In this movie, Tyler Perry is Lainey’s boss. He let’s her keep her job even after she lost her temper on him, because he knows of her financial struggles (when she lost her temper on him, she had no idea he was her boss). He had every right to let her go, but he saw that she was in trouble; he wanted to help her and her daughter. I think it was this young and adorable little girl that pulled at his heartstrings. He not only protected Lainey’s job with the company as a janitor, but he provided a home for her and her daughter. He gave Lainey the keys to the company’s corporate apartment, telling her she could stay as long as she needed to. I wish there were more bosses like him in the real world.

As for Tyler Perry’s character, Lainey gave him a new lease on life. She helped him find what truly made him happy. She helped free him, letting go of all the obligations he put on himself. They both brought so much light and freedom, helping to ease each other’s struggles. It is a beautiful love story from all angles.

“Sometimes in life it’s not what we get but what we share that makes it all worth while.” Give today to someone. Experience how wonderful you will feel doing a good deed!

Article written by: Betsy Karp

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