Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

I am writing this because I need to buckle up and take my own advice. This is one area where I do have some issues and lessons to learn. I am way too hard on myself and don’t give myself enough credit for what I do sometimes. I have gotten better, but those voices (some even call them chickens, brats or eggs) are twirling around in my head, giving me a hard time.

It’s time to get them out. Writing and exercising are some of the greatest releases. Perhaps you want to try it for yourself and see how much lighter and better it will make you feel.

 Lately, my dreams have been very dark and haunting. I have a very good memory of my dreams, so I often analyze them. These past few dreams were giving me some unrest and I couldn’t figure them out for the life of me. They were about water parks, fast moving objects, sand and really strange connections. To help me analyze them, I called my friend Roxie (Dr. Roxanne Daleo), because I really value her opinion and insight.

 Roxie is very spiritually connected because she works primarily with children. Children are innocent and unblocked and this helps Roxie stay on that path as well. She has great healing techniques and is very much connected to how the subconscious works. After listening to my dreams and analyzing them a bit, she told me, “You have some deep subconscious emotions that are being stirred up. These types of dreams are about you not feeling grounded and rooted, so here is what I want you to do. Go outside and lean up against a mighty oak tree. Breathe deep, breathe long and feel the energy of this tree. Now imagine that its energy is your energy with each breath you take. Everything is connected that is alive, so feel this life force as your own to ground yourself as this beautiful tree does.”

 I did what she asked me to do and it was amazing. I released my own tight, internal rope and imagined myself swinging from the tree. I started to feel very strong inside and I had that “Ah ha” moment right then. I began to laugh so hard, breaking all of my inner pressure. I figured it out: I was being waaaaaay too hard on myself.

 We can only be where we are in life at this very moment. Sometimes we just want to be way ahead of ourselves and not be where we actually are right now! It was time for me to have fun again, enjoying the journey and the process of where I currently am.

 I woke up this morning feeling so much brighter, happier and stress free. I have no idea what is coming and my preconceived vision could be very different than what the universe has in store for me. It’s more exciting to be surprised and just let go. It’s a new day and I am going to enjoy each and every moment while having some fun.  I’m being very kind to me. Won’t you join me on this journey?

Written by: Betsy Karp

Brought to you by: silentjourney

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