Community… What Does It Mean To You?

Being part of a community means being a part of something greater than you. It’s about sharing, growing and opening up to who you are and what you believe in. Are you part of a community? If not, maybe now’s the time!

Just this past weekend, I went on a spiritual retreat with my temple that I’ve been a member of for 25 years. During that time I have gone to some of their events, but to tell you the truth, they have been limited. I go on Friday nights, sit in the same area next to my favorite person Lotte, take in the service, pray, say Shabbat shalom to people here and there, and leave. So, I decided that all of that was going to change this weekend.

At one point during the retreat, a doctor by the name of Enrique raised his hand. He told us a beautiful story about his community in Argentina where he had lived 40 years ago. He was a medical doctor and the only doctor in his town. One day he became very ill and couldn’t get up. His body was deteriorating and he couldn’t walk or move. This was a major problem, because he was the only doctor in the town. When people in town were sick, he would make house calls. But when he was sick, there was no one able to come to his aid. A very wise woman said to the whole town…her COMMUNITY… “we must all congregate and pray as a whole for the doctor to get well. We need the power of the entire town.”

So on that following Friday, all the people in his town gathered together and prayed as a community. They prayed silently and then in unison. Within 2 days, the doctor was feeling so much better. He was up and feeling like himself, and was able to start helping everyone else in the community.

After hearing some wonderful and powerful stories about the energies of different people’s communities (like the one Enrique told), I had more warmth in my heart and tears in my eyes, and it made me realize how important it is to come together as a community. Communities are about sharing, connecting and even healing (as you saw in Enrique’s beautiful story). Isn’t it time you stepped out and became part of something that truly makes an impact on others as well as yourself?

Written by: Betsy Karp

Brought to you by: silentjourney

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