Christmas: A Time to Celebrate our Humanity

For some, Christmas can be a massive headache. All the queuing, crowds and spending can really get a person down. Add to that the rabid indulgence demanded by roast potatoes and Christmas cakes and you have a recipe for some very stern New Years’ resolutions.

But forget the commercialism of the festive season for a second…


Most people get to spend time with their families over the Christmas holidays. The pressures of work ease off and one can genuinely reflect on the past year. Sit still long enough, and one might even consider the fact that people of all creeds value the same things: family, security and a chance at the lasting contentment of being valued for who they are.


Ostensibly, Jesus the son of the Christian God was born to Mary the virgin on the 25th of December. This event has been derided by rabid atheists and other worshippers of logic, denied or marginalized by the other monotheistic religions and explained away by researchers into ancient astrological practices. In fact, if you don’t profess to be a Christian, you probably feel compelled to laugh at the patent absurdity of the whole scenario.


That is, if you feel it’s actually the event itself you’re supposed to be celebrating. This humble blog post proposes that you look at it from another perspective.


A message unified in all faiths


Peacefulness and compassion are two qualities held sacred by every major faith. Mohammed, Moses, Christ and Buddha all agreed on the importance of treating our fellow men and women with love and respect. Although, unfortunately, the history of the world’s religions is created, edited and written down by people, and hence we have much bloodshed, war and hatred to come to terms with. This shouldn’t (but often does) detract from the essential message those saints were trying to pass on.


This Christmas, try and remember the message common to all faiths, that is, the celebration of that which underpins our shared humanity; regardless of the book we choose to call our gospel. So how can you do that? This Christmas…


-       Help someone who really needs it. Gifts of food, dog food, medicines, toiletries, and blankets for those who are less fortunate than us really go a long way.


-       Share, without any expectation, with someone from another faith. Talk to them about their understanding of their religion and the world around them.


-       Help your family connect with each other by sharing what they are grateful for. Respond to the inevitable emotional situations with compassion and non-judgment.


-       Give of yourself and your time freely. Often, by the time Christmas rolls around, we are so sick and tired of the world that we just want to curl up on the couch and watch any number of extravagant celebrity specials. However, the best way to re-energize and be positive is to help others. It might seem trite and a lot of effort, but get out and do something good for someone else. You’ll feel better, instantly.

-       Smile. It’s Christmas.

-        Be Well!!

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