Changes You Can Hold Onto

Are you ready to change? That’s a tough question, right? And while there’s no cure-all answer, changing some of your current patterns may be your best bet to being more in the now. No, that’s not science and it’s certainly not everyone’s mantra, but when enacted, it has the tendency to become an incredibly liberating feeling, because part of our issue with being in the now is that once we think we know something, it’s common that we stop paying attention to it.

 Maybe you’ve done this. I know I have. I’ve gotten somewhere without remembering an iota of how I got there. Almost daily, I walk down the street and check my emails on the way to the office. I never bump in to anyone or take a wrong turn, but I have no recollection of how I ended up at the doorstep of the building. This blackout of sorts is mainly due to the fact that I know where I’m going, so I don’t think about the path there. I don’t feel the need to change it, because I don’t realize the that it’s actually having a negative effect on me. But, by doing so, I miss an abundance of life passing me by.

 In my case, living in the moment could be as simple as keeping my phone in my pocket and noticing my surroundings more often. And I’ll tell you right now; it’s a change that I can look forward to! But what about you? What would your small change be that could potentially yield big results? I’d imagine there’s something you can envision changing that would put you more in the moment, right?

 Take a second and think about your “blackout” moment of the day. It may not be walking down the street checking your emails, but there’s a good chance you have your own version of what that means to you. Once you make that small change, it’s likely that you’ll want to make others along the way. So start right now, and be in the moment more often. 

Written by: Aaron Lyles 

Brought to you by: silentjourney

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