Calming Your Energy

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and let the world kind of just fall away. Instantly see if this has changed anything in you. Calming your energy is about getting quiet within yourself, letting go and taking one minute at a time.

 Just this past weekend, I was at a spiritual retreat. When I first walked into the room, there was a man who was holding up what almost looked like a wooden rod. He held it up over his head, almost like Moses doing a spiritual channeling. I had never seen anything like this before and I was really amazed. I sat down in my seat and I followed the group. There was a real, dead silence. You could hear a pin drop on the floor. He was talking in a very deep, calming, forceful, yet very loving way. He kept on talking about not trying so hard in life…to let life work a little bit more for you. Allow the gift of just letting go and just being and being one with the moment and what that means.

There was an incredible peace and peacefulness that came over me. I had tension in my back. It started to dissipate. My body felt limp but in a really good way. I felt very relaxed and free. Free of the negative voices, the blame, “I’m not doing enough,” “I can’t get this all done today”…. It all just started to go away.

It’s always easier to follow the leader with a room full of a hundred people in silence. The real practice comes in learning how to do it for yourself. When I got home on Sunday and started to feel my blood pressure rising, those voices singing, I took a moment and remembered yesterday. I then stopped what I was doing completely and put it away. I put on some really tranquil and healing music, sat on a really soft spot on my sofa, closed my eyes and started the practice. I did it just for about 10 minutes, but I felt as though it could have been a year. My energy shifted, I felt calm and I was clear on what I then had to do. From that point on, I took action of all of the things on my list, and each one got done. This only showed me that by getting into that calm, clear place within ourselves, we can then take on all life has for us to do. Even my chores were easier.

So I hope you can try this on your own: closing your eyes, getting clear and taking each step as it comes. And don’t get frustrated with yourself. Sometimes it takes a little time. But if you just start sinking your head into your heart and relaxing, everything will start to feel calm.

Article written by: Betsy Karp

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