Breathing Through Anxiety

Let’s be honest. We all get anxious. There are many levels and types of anxiety. I have experienced my share of anxiety over the years and have learned how to address my issues and deal with them.

The first thing to do is to try to get calm. Worrying and panicking only makes everything worse. Create a different state for yourself. A simple tool I use is turning on a quiet, calming piece of music (musical vibrations are wonderfully healing) while sitting upright in a chair, back straight and feet firmly planted on the floor. I slowly begin to breathe deeply from my belly in and out, very slowly, again and again. Between the sounds of the music and my deep breaths, I begin to feel better, lighter and less anxious in a matter of seconds.

Breathing is a way of bringing new energy into the body. It’s clearing and cleansing.  As my breathing gets deeper I feel calmer and my anxiety begins to move further away. Holding onto this state, I go for a walk outside in nature instantly feeling my spirits lift: the sound of birds, the trees and the warm sun shining on my face. Even if only in this “one moment in time” (and possibly the rest of the day), everything feels just as it should be…calm, content and serene. As Whitney Houston once said: “I want one moment in time, when I’m more than I thought I could be. When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away and the answers are all up to me…”

This anti-anxiety method really works! All it takes is 16 seconds to shift your energy. Begin with just 16 seconds and change your vibration. So if you are feeling anxious and/or worried and need to calm down, try these simple steps and see for yourself how breathing through anxiety can change your day!


Be Well… 

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