Boosting Your Metabolism Is Easier Than You Think

You would think a daily workout would be enough to boost your metabolism.

Silent Journey Boosting Your MetabolismBut a strenuous exercise isn’t the only factor helping you stay in shape. Your caloric intake and amount of physical activity are the two defining factors for  boosting your metabolism.

Like a foot on a car break, calories can drive metabolism fast or slow. It all depends on how many calories you consume within your daily diet.

There are some foods that show a short term increase in metabolism,” says Cher Pastore, a New York City based dietitian. She went on to explain; “The best metabolism boosters include Green Tea (EGCG), ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and protein rich foods.

Pastore specializes in weight loss management, diabetes treatment, and prenatal nutrition.  In 2005, she created Cher Nutrition with a team of registered dietitians. They provide nutrition and wellness counseling to people and corporations.

Something as inevitable as aging can trigger a decrease in calories and increase in fatty tissue. This is where the right amount of physical activity becomes an essential ally in helping your metabolic system flow faster and more smoothly.

Three exercises that can give your metabolism a boost while burning fat simultaneously are: strengthening exercises, aerobics, and circuit training. Work with your doctor and trainer to figure out a routine that works best for your specific needs.

Of course, there are other factors that play in boosting your metabolism. Cushing Syndrome is an undetected thyroid gland that can turn weight loss into excessive weight gain, if gone unchecked. This ailment can cause high levels of hormones and skin irritation that includes swelling, lumps, and stretch marks. If you experience any of these symptoms, check with your doctor as they can evaluate your medical history and provide a healthier lifestyle that will keep your metabolism at a proper mobile pace.

Remember, the right number of calories combined with a healthy amount of physical activity will keep your metabolism at bay while providing a much wanted boost to your health!

Be Well

Daniela N. Smith
Silent Journey Contributor

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