Better Meditation At Home: 5 Useful Tips

Have you ever wondered what 20 minutes to yourself would be like? Would your worries disappear? Would you think clearly or breathe easier? In an excerpt from a recent article by Grace Bonney at DesignSponge, she goes to the source–Ben Thurshen–to find out. What she discovers will surprise you.

Ben’s 5 Tips for Meditating at Home:

From Ben: “Vedic Meditation is one of the oldest, most effortless, and natural forms of meditation. This technique of meditation originated in India over 5,000 years ago, and the integrity of the tradition has been passed on through an unbroken line of teachers from that time. The technique is very simple and easy to learn, however it requires personal instruction. If you can’t make it to a course right away, you can get started with something “over-the counter”–try listening to a guided meditation and see how you feel. It may help you relax a little and that’s always a very good thing.”

  1. Most people think of meditation as a band-aid to use when they’re feeling very stressed. Make it a daily practice, that way you can avoid the “melt down”
  2. Learn to be neutral about the environment. You can practice Vedic Meditation anywhere–sitting in your office, on a park bench, in a subway, etc.
  3. Plan it. If you don’t plan it, it’s less likely to happen.
  4. Get some support. Tell your family, friends, and co-workers what you’re doing. That way they don’t bother you when your meditating.
  5. Organize a group meditation. It’s really nice to hang out with happy, relaxed, enlightened people.
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Be Well!
Grace’s full article can be found here.
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