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Making Yoga Work for You

Unlike the stigma of its granola past, today making yoga work for you, has become something much more. Whether it’s Bikram yoga (hot yoga classes) sweeping the US, popular culture taking notice as it did with Julia Roberts’ obsession with

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What Applies In Yoga Also Applies In Life

The principles of yoga may make you healthy and limber, but what applies in yoga, often applies in life as well. “…And remember, there is no difference between yoga and life.”  Those were the words of my first yoga teacher

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Boosting Your Metabolism Is Easier Than You Think

You would think a daily workout would be enough to boost your metabolism. But a strenuous exercise isn’t the only factor helping you stay in shape. Your caloric intake and amount of physical activity are the two defining factors for 

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Teaching Ourselves How to Breathe Easier

Do we really need to learn how to breathe? Is it even possible to teach ourselves how to breathe? After all, we’ve been doing it our whole lives. Our breath is our oldest and best friend. But is it a

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Are You the Real Deal?

Do you have integrity? Do you live your life with sincerity and truth? Do you walk the walk, do you talk the talk, or are you just full of sh!t? As you become more comfortable and quiet within yourself, it’s

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Do you believe In Psychics?

Hopefully by now, you’ve read at least a few of the articles on our blog, and you can appreciate the effort that we have to bring you the tools and knowledge that we feel can truly help you in your

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