7 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

“I’m pickin’ up good vibrations…good, good, good, good vibrations…”

-The Beach Boys

A vibration is a feeling you get when things are going well.  A simple, happy smile attracts a like vibration to someone else. It is very contagious and very healthy. It is a positive force, vibrating on a cool wavelength. Just like the waves and the water ripple vibrating energy, so do people. When we are happy, we feel good, peaceful, free and content, vibrating on a higher plateau. It only takes 16 seconds to change your vibration, so follow these simple steps below and see how great you begin to feel!


7 things you can do to raise your vibration:

1. Get out of your space (and/or the mentally negative place you are in) and take a walk. Soak up nature looking at all of the green around you. Go to a park, a beach or the mountains. Just be in nature, experiencing the colors, smelling the fresh air, absorbing all the sunshine, vitamin D and natural beauty all around you. Appreciate nature, letting it give you that high that only being outside can do.

2. Listen to music. Every time I listen to music it changes my state and relaxes me, making me feel happy and raising my vibration. Whether you like classical, rock, pop, jazz or folk, chose one and feel that healing musical vibration.


3. Get yourself submerged in water. Take a bath, a shower or go swimming. Water is very cleansing, making us feel clean, renewed, fresh and alive. You will have a tingly vibration running through you, making you feel uplifted.

4. Eat something you love. It would be better to choose something healthy, but indulge, if you so desire, in that piece of chocolate cake (I caution you, however, to portion control this and enjoy each and ever bite fully). Indulging is wonderful, but I want to remind you that eating healthy is the way to truly and consistently raise your vibration. Indulging is ok every once in awhile, but it’s a temporary, fleeting fix. Focusing on vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, nuts, protein and edamame is what will give you a longer lasting, energy filled, higher vibration.

5. LAUGH until it hurts. Laughing is the best medicine there is and has been proven to heal almost anything in life. I have laughed sometimes so hard I can’t move, but nothing feels greater. Life stops for that moment and you are on a really high, wonderful frequency, attracting more good vibrations.

6. Call someone you know. Tell them you love them. If saying the word “love” is difficult for you right now, at least call to say hi. This not only raises their vibration, but yours as well.

7. Connect and play with children and animals. They are the most joyful creatures. They have no radar. Children say it as it is and animals are pure, unconditional love. Both are real and innocent, simply wanting love and affection. So vibrate with kids and animals. It will put you on a new vibrational plane.

Now that you have 7 ways to raise your vibration, aren’t you ready to feel great today???

Article written by: Betsy Karp

Be Well

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