3 Ways to be More Attractive Regardless of How You Look

The old adage holds true – true beauty comes from the inside. However, this simple wisdom is easy to forget in a world where we are constantly confronted with unrealistic images of beauty. What’s more, we’re often unconsciously made to believe that if we don’t strive to achieve this ridiculous standard, we’re failing in some terrible way. It’s difficult to focus on inner beauty when it feels like your attention is constantly being drawn to your “inadequacies” and “flaws”. In fact, much of the beauty and health industry depends on you feeling bad about yourself – no they spend so much money making sure that you do! If we spend half the amount of effort trying to enhance our inner selves, the world would be very a different place. So next time you’re feeling unattractive, try shift the focus to who you and on what’s going on in your emotional world, rather than getting caught in the superficial trap of believing you’ll feel better if you look better. While this strategy obviously holds some water in certain contexts, a much more enduring solution is to focus on the beauty within. Here are 3 tips for how to do just that.

Remember your true nature

The first step on connecting with your inner beauty is taking a step back and giving yourself some space to gain a little perspective.  Rather than relying on your knee-jerk reactions which may lead to vicious cycles of self-degradation such as body shaming – take a deliberate step back and remember what you really are and what you are not. Our bodies are beautiful, but transient gifts that allow us to experience and interact with the material world. But you are not your body. Just like you are not your emotions and you are not your mind. You are the eternal observer who watches your body and the ebb and flow of your thoughts and emotions with perfect calm and non-attachment. From this perspective your body is nothing but a gift that allows you to express yourself.


Practice a little gratitude

Taking a step back and remembering your true nature allows you to find your center and your truth. When you operate from this place you are infinitely powerful and calm. The waves on the ocean’s surface do not affect the deep stillness and calm beneath it.  From this place it’s easy to keep things in perspective. You may have some stretch marks or not be your “ideal weight”, whatever that means, but you can run and dance and laugh and express yourself in physical form. How incredibly fortunate are you?  So stop focusing on what you label as imperfection and bask in the joy of being able to develop your consciousness in a fully human experience.


Direct your energy towards uplifting yourself and others

The worst part about getting caught up the superficial beauty machine is that we waste so much energy. Just stop. Rather than stressing about the size if your nose or the shape of your bottom, focus on contributing a little good to the world. When we get bogged down by all the negative self-shaming messages in the media, we get caught in useless and morbid cycles of self-absorption. Nothing breaks this cycle more quickly that focussing on giving to others. When we give back, we feel we have something useful to offer others and this is seat of true self-worth and esteem. When we focus on what really makes us beautiful, we become more attractive than we could ever have imagined.


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